4 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Gown for Your Body Type

Going wedding gown shopping can be one of the most exhilarating things a new bride can do with her family and bridesmaids. The process will typically have a few bumps in the road, such as the cost, the designer, the comfort of the dress – but each of these are easy to create clear parameters for. The thing that these new brides have to be careful about is choosing a style that fits their body shape best.

The Pear Shape

The pear body shape is created when a woman has a higher circumference in her hip area that in the chest. With a body type like this, the best option is the fitted chest, empire waist style. Women with a smaller chest can benefit from choosing a dress with a fitted top and loose waist. The fitted bust can actually make the chest look larger and thus more proportional to the hips and thighs.

The Apple Shape

The apple body shape is created when the hips and bust have similar widths, as well as the midsection. The sheath style dress will flatter this body type, no doubt. The easy, flowing style with hug the curves in just the right places, creating a classic and complimentary look any bride will love.


The Hourglass Shape

The most coveted of the body styles really does have the most freedom when choosing a dress to flatter. The mermaid style cut was really designed with this body style in mind, and will easily create a knockout look any bride – or groom, for that matter – would drool over. The singapore evening dress shops and others around the world have dresses like these to flatter this common body type.

The Rectangle Shape

The rectangle shape is created by pretty consistent measurements from the chest to the thigh area. The sheath style or an empire waist to create some movement and dimension on the dress compliment this silhouette best. While this may not be the easiest body type to shop for, it is certainly versatile when it comes to these styles of gown.

Going into an endeavor such as wedding dress shopping can be a wonderful experience if you are certain of the parameters you have to stay within. Know your body type, know your recommended dress style, and know your price. If you have any questions, or want to get started shopping today, contact a wedding dress singapore shop at thegownwarehouse.sg.

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